Planning Applications in Swansea

Planning applications in Swansea

  • Extensions

  • Loft conversions

  • Garage conversions

  • Building Change of use

If you are looking to make changes to your home, Planning permission is normally required. Bay Planning offer a first class design and planning service for people looking to obtain planning permission for alterations to there home. We act as a trusted planning agent on your behalf, taking on all required paper work, planning and produce relevant scaled floor plans and elevations. That is all necessary to support your application. We ensure that the alterations meet you ideas and current building regulations.


We follow a four stage system :
Stage 1

We arrange to meet with you to discuss what the works and your ideas.

Stage 2

we then survey your property, taking required measurements and note building materials etc to support your application.

Stage 3

Then we design and produce the required floor plans and elevations that satisfy current building regulations. Then get back to you for to ensure you are satisfied with the layout and design before we complete the application.

Stage 4

Then we complete all the required paperwork and send the application with supporting plans and information to your local planning authorities for approval.

You simply wait to hear back from the local authorities with there decision. If for any reason the application is rejected then the necessary changes will be made and the application re submitted.


When is planning permission needed?

Planning permission is normally needed if you wish to:

  • Build something new.
  • Make a major change to your building.
  • Change how the building is used.

If your unsure you can contact you local planning authority and they will advise you.