CAD & 3D Renders

If you require renders for commercial or non commercial buildings, Bay Planning has a quick and experienced ‘in house’ designer that specialises in the design and completion of 3-D renders using the latest design software.

3-d renders are a great way to show your clients or for yourself to get a better understanding of how a room or building will look. Bringing basic floor plans to life and giving you an insight to room layout and design before work is undertaken or completed.

Benefits of 3-D renders

  • To Advertise to a potential client
  • Great quality images that can be created using any chosen angles to highlight specific features
  • Offers a realistic image of how the building or inside rooms will look
  • You are able to choose from a large range of different furniture, components and materials.


CAD drawings

  • Fast Turnaround – 2-Ds
  • Highest quality 3-D visualisations and plans
  • Competitive pricing


Bay Planning has a experienced ‘in house’ designer that produces quick CAD drawings to meet you required specifications.

  • Cross sections
  • Elevations
  • Site locations